V & You... And Me...CBD Mouth Pouch Product Review

So by now you know I suffer with Suicide Diease (check out my blog on my Invisible Illness to learn more).

It seems recently I've been backsliding out of remission. I'm quite scared tbh. It's nicknamed suicide diease!! Kinda tells you what it's like. What's annoying is you can look completely normal while feeling like your face is crumbling from an acid attack. You're crumbling and feel you must look like death, you check the mirror and look good.. Wtf?! Bit of a head fuck.

Before lockdown, regular massage, cannabis and hot hot baths with cbd bath bombs were helping me keep the TN in check. Lock down ended the massage & moving ended my bathtime. Ive been okish for the past 6 months but now it's coming back. Not going to lie, I'm pretty scared. It was terrifying the last time. My friends had to remove the knives from my house.
A friend sent me a link to someone's review of @v__and__you CBD Mouth pouches and how they helped with TMJ. From using CBD tampons for my vicious period pain, I know putting the CBD as close to the site of pain as possible helps alot and is a bit more effective that ingesting it, so a mouth pouch full of the good stuff seemed perfect!
The day these had boys arrived I had been woken by the TN at 6.30am and been laying in bed praying the postie was bringing me relief.
As soon as I realised they were here I ripped the packet open and stuffed one up into my left gum & cheek. It was a bit dry so I took the tiniest sip of water to moisten the pouch hoping it will speed up its activation time.
Within 15-20mins, I started to feel it work. I had gone from worrying my day was going to be spent in bed with a restless puppy bouncing on me to being able to nip downstairs to my friends yard to 'create content' for 2hrs and let the dog run around.
I had gone from not being able to talk, listen or stand for to long to being able to get on with work. It didn't take away all the pain but it certainly made a difference! It brought the pay down to a manageable level. It was wonderful!!
The V & You CBD Pouches are available in a pack of 15 for £9.99 on their website in 3 different flavours (Berry, Natural & Mint). I had to go with Berry. It wasn't over powering or sickly sweet as I had sort of anticipated. I have Irlen Syndrome, a sensory sensitivity and I am aspergic so I can respond strangely to some flavours. These are flavoursome enough to be pleasant but don't over power your taste buds.
Between the TN and the temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ) I would definitely recommend these to those suffering. I will not promise they are going to miraculously save you, but they definitely help to bring things down to a manageable level. They allowed me a small window to function and feel marginally normal (while still in pain). 
In the past week I have kept these handy things by my side. Before I go to bed, I make sure they are there next to me. One point this week I have been awoken by the pain in the middle of the night. I knew there was no chance of sleep and if I got up to hit the dab rig I would have 'broken the sleep spell' and not been able to get back to that calm state. I popped a pouch in and within 30mins of listening to a very quiet audio book I was able to drift back off to sleep without any fuss or drama.
Im really thankful to these little pouches.
What I'd REALLY love is if they could make a stronger strength. These are only 20mg...imagine the difference a 100mg would do... Oh my oh my. V & You... If you're reading this, please please make a stronger pouch!!!
V & You 20mg CBD Pouches are available directly from them via their website vandyou.com 
You can also find them on Instagram @v_and_you

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