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Dabbing 102: How To Shop For Your First Set Up

Before I started dabbing I found it a bit intimidating and a bit confusing. There were so many more parts to it than a bong, heat up heat down cleaning lalala. It was a bit overwhelming. After a year or so, I still consider myself a newbie.  I asked for help to put together this guide in the hopes it helps anyone who wants to get started with their own setup but feels like I did. I know you can always ask someone but sometimes if you don't know about it, you don't know the right questions to ask about it. If that makes sense?  If you’re suuuper new & need a 101 on Dabbing check out our previous article here. ...


Bongs Vs Rigs: Why I'm Currently Choosing Dabs Over Bowls

In August of this year I had the pleasure of vending Product Earth Cannabis alongside my partner with both of our businesses. We spent 1 night in a tent and the other 3 nights were in a lovely hotel about 10-14mins drive from the NEAC. We knew after long trading hours engaging and working we would need to retreat back into our own bubble.  Not wanting to be in & out all night trying to find spots in the hotel car park to smoke, I decided to take our Rig In One (RIO from StacheProducts) with us for some cheeky dabs in the hotel room under the extractor fan in the bathroom after seeing a friend of mine ripping dabs...


Dabbers Dictionary: Glossary of Extraction Methods & Extracts for Dabbing

Now GlassWork710 and myself have given you the Dabbing 101, we felt a glossary of extracts & the terms come in handy! There’s so many different words thrown around it can get a bit confusing. I wanted to better understand these terms myself and share that information with you. After all the more you know, the more you can get from your cannabis experience and the less likely you'll get conned.  The best place to start would be the kinds of extraction methods that are used to make dab worthy concentrates: Water and Ice, Butane/Propane, Dry Ice & CO2. Water & Ice: Mixing the frozen plant material with ice & water in some sort of machine machine/ bucket/salad spinner type...


The Beginning of The End of Our Chemical Romance

  How our minds started to change, the unconscious steps… Both myself and my partner, Tay, have always been interested in natural remedies, holistic treatments, enjoying natural crap and all that jazz. We favoured the organic produce where possible. When there's a choice between organic weed and non organic weed we went for the organic blahblahblah. But in the past couple of years since, let's call it, the Covid Era began in 2020, like a lot of people we started looking more at our food, our medicine and the chemicals we are putting on/in our bodies. I am hypersensitive to pharmaceuticals and since I hit my 30’s I seem to have become even more sensitive. I can't even wear a...