710-101: How to Dab with GlassWorks710

Dabbing can seem a bit scary. It looks pretty intimidating with the torches, temperatures, clean down, all the lalala that goes with consuming extracts with a dab rig. Despite attempting to dab for the past year and a half I would still consider myself a newbie. There’s a lot I still don’t know and would love to learn.

Recently I have really started to enjoy my extracts a bit more so I thought it was time I learnt and as always, I am sharing that journey with you. With the knowledge & experience of GlassWorks710 we will be bringing you a series of blogs on the dabbing world. Starting from the very basics…Here’s our Dabbing 101…

So, what is the first thing you tell newbies?

Let's start with the equipment we’re going to be needing. A rig, a carb cap, dab tool, banger, torch, your cannabis concentrates, and cotton buds.

Carb Caps: caps the banger to create an airtight seal. It helps to create the right environment inside the banger to get the most out of your extracts.

Torch: You need a torch, a lil old lighter hasn’t got the power for this job.

Banger: Much different from a bong bowl. These are made from quartz glass, not regular glass. Quartz glass has better heat retention properties so you can heat it and cool it without it breaking.

Rig: these are essentially the same body of a bong but are a bit smaller so you don't lose those lovely terpys. 

Cotton Swabs or Cotton buds. Be sure not to use plastic cotton buds. They will melt with the heat and also..its 2022, lets stop with the single use plastic already!

Recommended but not essential:

Dab Tool: A metal or glass tool to dish yourself your dab. (the size of the dab on the tool in the image is way too big a dab for a newbie. You want to start with about 1/5 or a quarter or that).

A temperature metre

Isopropyl alcohol bath: Iso in a container big enough to dip your banger in. This is recommended for more regular dabbers who would like to keep their equipment in great condition. 

Now we are kitted out, how do we actually take a dab? Let's hit it!

  1. Get your extract ready, load up the dab at the tool. First experience with extracts remember that this is a concentrate. You do not need the same amount as you would loading a bong bowl. You literally need a lil dab. A lil dab'll do ya!
  2. Heat up the banger with your torch for approx 45 seconds
  3. Wait for 45 seconds, this is where the timer is great. 
  4. Pop your dab in the banger. *helpful tip: have your extract on one side of the tool tip, place that against the wall inside the banger, metal to glass with extract facing inwards. This allows the metal to heat up and the extract to slide off. If any remain just gently rub along the glass. Don't panic about how long it takes, the banger will be hot enough.
  5. Carb cap onto the banger.
  6. Toke gently and inhale that goodness. Maybe take a small toot to start to be safe. Exhale.
  7. After you’ve hit it, ya gotta clean it! Take a cotton bud and swirl it round the inside of the banger to clean out any residue from your dab. 

Congratulations, you just hit a dab! Enjoy that glassy eyes heady high! Ooooh yeah baby! I asked you on my Instagram story if you had beginners any questions for GlassWorks710. 


Why choose dabbing over smoking?

Dabbing is a way for patients to get a high dose of thc into their system. Patients who need immediate and strong pain relief would have to smoke so much flower to get the same effect. You also don't get the same carcinogens through dabbing as you would through combustion. So it makes it much healthier. 

What's the best rig for beginners?

Best rig for beginners I recommend something from our £35-£45 range. They don't have any protruding glass edges or sharp points. They are very easy to clean and use. The have a wide base too to prevent any spillages. They also come in a range of colours and Bud thinks are cute as fuck!

(Click here to shop GlassWorks710 dab rigs) 

What's the best temperature?

The best temperature is always a personal preference and also depends on the type of extract you have. We would recommend anything between 400-550F. The lower temperatures will be more terpy, flavourful and the higher ones will hit you harder and produce bigger clouds. I personally like to dab between 450-470F

Buddy adds low & slow to start is good. You get more flavour as different terpenes are released at different temperatures so starting low and working up I feel you get more from your concentrate. The hotter the dab the more you're going to cough.

We hope these have helped answer your questions! Here's a little about the team behind the answers...

So, who is GlassWorks710? We are a husband and wife team from Leicestershire. We set up in 2020, with a long-standing passion for unique and functional glassware, which has grown into our online store. We now serve customers all over the world and are excited to become part of the growing Canna community.

How long have you been dabbing for? I started dabbing in 2013/2014, when a friend came back from Canada. He had worked in a Canna Dispensary during his time there. He came back with heaps of knowledge and gave us our first dab. It has now become an integral part of our lives.

How do you feel cannabis enriches your life? Cannabis helps me in many ways. I have used it Medically and spiritually for 20 years. It helps keep me relaxed and calm and has not only helped myself, but everyone around me as well.

What's your preferred mode of consumption and why? I find dabbing suits my hectic lifestyle as it's a quick, easy and an efficient way to medicate throughout the working day. However, I really enjoy the joint and an edible too. 

Make sure your follow @glassworks710 on Instagram and browse their website. https://glassworks710.co.uk/ You can get 15% off with BUDDYMARY at checkout on their website.

If you aren't a big reader and do better with visual instructions, keep your eyes peeled for a How To Dab YouTube video in the near future. 

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  • Samm Wells

    This is super helpful for the dabbing noobs – high that’s me – I knew roughly how to go about it, but specifics here like what temperature & what all the lil’ gizmos are called, is great. Also thanks for the link – I had no idea I could get a basic rig for under £50!! I thought ig was all 150 upwards. This has made dabbing accessible..! Nice one :)

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