Meet The Sheep: The Black Sheep Dispensaries

You've seen the splashed across my Instagram Page and herd me ranting & raving about this wonderful UK based Independent CBD company. It's probably time to learn a little bit more about them, so here we go...Take it away BSP...
Black Sheep Dispensaries was founded in 2015 with a vision to provide honest, affordable, organic, natural cannabis products for the consumer. The founders have a wealth of knowledge on the Cannabis plant which includes a Bachelor of Science Degree whereby a study was made into the link between cannabis and mental health as well as two diplomas in Medical Cannabis.

In 2017 Black Sheep Dispensaries officially launched their product range and over the last couple of years have developed new products, clothes and accessories.
Through personal experience cannabinoids have been used to treat anxiety which was a contributing driving force to create a company based on a product which had personal positive impact upon their life. As the company has developed connections have been made throughout the sporting industry which includes boxing, mixed martial arts, football, basketball, snowboarding, motor cross as well as actors and the general public across multiple age ranges. Over the last few years the customer base and connections made have further driven Black Sheep Dispensaries to become pioneers within the industry by continuing to grow, develop and provide for every different type of consumer.
Black Sheep Dispensaries believes cannabinoids play an important role within the body and by introducing daily cannabinoids to your everyday diet and routine you not only treat existing ailments but prevent others from arising.
Black Sheep Dispensaries are constantly completing research and development with a vision to be pioneers within the cannabis industry by constantly bringing new and exciting products to the market.

Thank you so much for that. Your credentials in Cannabis Knowledge are so impressive. Know wonder your products are so good. You can feel the love and care has gone into them.  I have tried various different CBD companies but these have definitely been the best. Not only are they effective but for someone who loves the taste of Cannabis, the smells & flavours are delicious. 
If you are interested in learning more about Black Sheep or would like to try their products, you can find them at https://blacksheepdispensaries.com/ or on Instagram @black_sheep_dispensaries
You can even enjoy 15% off their website with code 'Buddy-Mary' at checkout. 
Keep your eyes out for the CBD Whole Plant Extract paste review from Buddy's Mum dropping on Sunday!

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  • Sue

    Fabulous company. I’ve just ordered their cbd balm for my back & can’t wait to try it. 💚💚💚

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