Buddy's Bathe Box: Lemon Haze Edition

What an incredible response to the Buddy's Bath Boxes!! I am over joyed and so it seems were you! Most of the first months boxes sold out in the 1st day. Due to the rise in interest, I made 15 this month. I release 5 available to pre-order & they sold out within a couple of hours!
I must say I am very proud of these boxes & the ones I have planned in the future. I know there maybe a few moments to come where they may drive e to tears but it will be worth it. Thank you for your continued support for my dream. Thank you for enjoying my art as much as I enjoy making it.

So without further adieu, let me introduce to you the 2nd ever Buddy's Bath Box, The Lemon Haze Edition. 

In this months citrus box, I am so proud to showcase two badass CannaBabes & their gorgeous talent. Not only do they create beautiful cannabis friendly products but they are two intelligent & strong women; Smoke & Soak and Earthen Fibres.
Inside Septembers Bath Box you can find a high quality digital print of Buddy Mary's Lemon Haze Original Watercolour; handmade Smoke & Soak Lemon Haze 200mg CBD Soap bar exclusive to Buddy's Bath Box; an Earthen Fibres Bracelet made with Lemon hemp rope; a handmade Buddy Mary Lemon Haze roach clip; Hornet Lemon Flavoured Rolling Papers; 2x Twinings Defense Citrus & Ginger Green Tea with Echinacea tea bags, a Nak'd Lemon Drizzle Bar (VG/GF); Buddy Mary slaps and 6 Handmade Indian Incense cones.
(If you are vegan please let me know when purchasing your bath box as 7 out of the CBD bars of soap contain a non vegan friendly ingredient.)

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