Smoke & Soak CBD Balm & CBD Soap Feature & Review

I had a little chat with the gorgeous woman behind Smoke & Soak to find out her Canna-Story & her CBD business. I even had the great pleasure of trying out a few of her wonderful creations she has available to purchase through her Instagram Page @smokeandsmoke. 

 So lets start the beginning...

How were you introduced to cannabis?

Well I was first introduced to Cannabis like I’m guessing most people were, just getting stoned with friends as teenagers but both my parents are/ were heavy blazers so always felt that had something to do with it. Then as I got older I found it really helped with my anxiety at school, chills out my OCD and generally helps keep my thoughts in line as most of the time I find I’m struggling to just string coherent thoughts together and weed helps me with that 😁 But it really started taking off when I started working at one of the coffeeshops in the UK and all the people I met there was insane! And haven’t looked back since 

When and why did you start your CBD company? 

I started it last year mainly because there was a huge gap in the market and not only that my now partner who I met through the club encouraged me to do it as we always spoke whenever we were at the club about the bullshit the UK and it’s laws and the sick people that actually need help so we were like fuck it, seen as though no one else is doing it, we will and hopefully we will smash it. It just seems insane that no one wants to help? Everyone’s so money oriented and willing to knock out cheap, harmful products to people who genuinely need it and where we are in this massive grey area, people are taking advantageous it and sick people are suffering for it and it’s not on

Are you a one woman show or does your partner help out? 

Well it’s mainly me but he helps in the background a lot! Especially when I’m like why hasn’t this worked, he always swoops in and saves the day haha

Apart from your Rose and Geranium soap, are you vegan friendly?

Yes the rest of the range is vegan friendly ☺️ all starting materials are organically sourced too

And lastly, are there any other female led Canna-businesses that inspire you?

OmEdibles really inspire me and is where I’d like to end up, with my own farm growing it all then making it for everyone which she is doing right now and I can’t praise her enough!

 Thank you so much Smoke & Soak. It has been such a pleasure to get to know the women behind the Company!



Reviewing My Smoke & Soak Package

Well, opening this parcel was delightful. The smell coming from the box was delicate. The colours that greeted me made me very happy. 

Doesn't this look beautiful? Along with the vibrant Rose & Geranium soap and CBD balm with added sweet almond was a little taster bag of the rainbow hard boiled CBD infused sweets, Smoke & Soak branded element rolling papers, roach tips, clipper lighter and the mandatory collection of slaps. I love little extra touches like these, I feel it puts love into the parcel.
So I am not usually a bar of soap kind of person. With my sensory sensitivity I can really struggle with the textures or feel of somethings. Bars of soap, the way they go under my nails, the way it makes my hands feel on towels, the way my skin feels after, the dry itch after, its making my stomach twist and my teeth feel weird talking about it. If you put Cannabis or CBD in something, I could give it a whirl..the soap I really enjoyed. My skin is so sensitive I can struggle with soaps as they will leave my skin feeling dry and a size too small. I used a flannel to pick up the soap and used it all over my body but this has left my skin feeling soft and smooth. Since using the soap to hand my hands I have noticed the stress induced ezcema inbetween fingers has healed and disappeared in the last week of use. Its been used quite regularly by myself & my partner and it still looks brand new so I anticipate that its going to lasting us quite a while. I would recommend this soap to those with skin problems such a eczema or cracked dry skin as it was so gentle on the broken irritated skin. (Soap not vegan as contains goats milk).  
I adore the 250mg CBD infused unscented balm!! I think this is becoming a favourite topical of mine next to the Black Sheep Muscle rub. Despite labelled unscented there is the tiniest wiff of coconut oil & cacao butter, two of the main ingredients in this smooth light vegan friendly balm. The tub is cute as fudge, I like the little window in the lid. Due to stress and the weird weather, I was struck with the beginnings of a coldsore flare up & my chest was covered in heat rash. Thanks to this little tub of love, the coldsore nerve reached more than a tiny blister rather than a full blown attack with once a day CBD balm application and my heat rash disappeared after a day or so rather than the usual 5-6days it normally takes to disappear. When I have experienced any dry or upset skin, I have used the tiniest application of this delightful balm and felt the benefits shortly after. Sweet Almond oil does wonders for skin and I feel this balm is light enough to be used on my drier parts of my face after a bath.
Soooo these Sweets were tasty AF!! Plus, who doesnt love rainbows!? So eating rainbows makes it even better. These are gluten free & vegan friendly CBD
5-10mg Hardboiled Rainbow Sweets were a delicious little taster pack that came with my goodies and I am so glad they did. They really are tasty and that's coming from someone who isn't a fan of hard boiled sweets. I usually find them quite sickly but that's had a lovely balance of flavours. They tasted slightly like custard creams. I thought they were so beautiful I was reluctant to eat them all..for a day and then I scranned them hehe. 

It really has been a pleasure getting to know Smoke & Smoke and getting to know her products. If you'd like to purchase any of these goodies or find out what else she has to offer, check out her instagram page @smokeandsoak

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  • Sue

    Beautiful. We definitely need more cannabis toiletries. My skin’s quite sensitive to soaps & cannabis is so good for our skin. 💚

  • Sue

    Beautiful. We definitely need more cannabis toiletries. My skin’s quite sensitive to soaps & cannabis is so good for our skin. 💚

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