Giving Up The Ghost: The Spooky Stoner tells us...

This weekends featured CannaBabe is none other than The Spooky Stoner. Chronic pain warrior and creative Queen. She made her business debut at the Spring CannaCraft Fayre in March and has been glittering her way through different products since. I am please to introduce the Spooky Stoner as she tells us how Cannabis improves mind, body, soul & her quality of life. 


  • When/how we're you introduced to Cannabis? What did you know if it before?
  • I was around it first in my teens as I had friends that smoked it. I was never bothered back then. My parents had drummed it into me that it wasn't a good thing and it would mess you up mentally. I believed my Mom as she used to be a nurse in the 70s and had mates that used to use it. I was properly introduced to it while I was at university at 19. I had injured the soft tissue of my right knee and was in agony. My housemate at the time introduced me to it as she said it always helped her with the pain. She was right, it helped massively. After that healed I was using it recreationally but that was soon tarnished. My boyfriend at the time had started to become very abusive. He made sure I was supplied with weed as he would use it to try and control me. Little did he know that cannabis was the only thing that made his abuse easier to live with and it kept me alive.

  • How long have you been using cannabis for? 
  • Consistently for the last 3 years but I used it for 3 years while at uni.

    I came back to Cannabis when the different meds the specialists and GPs were making me really spaced out. I would forget words for objects, couldn't hold a conversation or even concentrate on anything. I was getting more and more frustrated on these meds that weren't doing anything for my pain levels. I already knew cannabis could help with pain so I researched it. Turns out how Fibromyalgia affects me with global pain, hypersensitivity and surface numbness, can be treated with CBD/CBG and THC. I made the decision there and then to give it a trial run, little experiment if you will, to see if it helped and it really did.

  • How regularly do you use cannabis?
  • Everyday. It used to be just in the evenings when I was younger but nowadays it's all day everyday as it helps my fibromyalgia pain and hypersensitivity so much.

  • Why do you use cannabis? 
  • It helps to keep my Fibromyalgia pain at a manageable level. The THC help to calm the nerves that are affected by hypersensitivity.  It helps to calm and soothe my brain as its usually very active and on the go. It means I can actually sit down and concentrate on something 100% rather than get distracted all the time. I've found more recently that I've been able to reconnect with my creativity. I've always been really creative but lately I'd just lost some passion for it. I certainly hadn't drawn anything properly in over a decade. But I've been crafting and drawing quite a bit recently which is what gave birth to my lil business! 

    I find it helps my mental health a lot. My mind can tend to worry a lot, take that worry and just run with it. I know that once I have a toke my mind settles down and I can logically look at why I'm worrying. It helps with my depression too and is helping me on discover how to still be me while having fibro

  • What mode(s) of administration do you favour?
  • I prefer to smoke, it's like a little ritual preparing and making a spliff. I used to use tobacco but I've been tobacco free since October 2020. I didn't want to be paying those prices anymore and I didn't want all that extra shit in my body. I've tried mullein and had some mullein blends. I do like to pop a lil sprinkle of Knot a Problem blend in my bedtime smoke. I prefer to use Damiana as I find it doesn't burn as hot and is quite a smooth smoke. 

    I vape too as it's apparently still illegal to smoke a medicinal legal prescription. My current vape is a bit naff but looking at getting another one ASAP. I'm actually finding the medical script is helping quite a bit. Both the sativa and indica strains are 20% THC, the sativa being Moby Dick and the indica being Critical Kush. I'm getting more than what I would if I was buying from a plug for the same price so I've been able to actually medicate when I need to and nor have to struggle. The indica is definitely helping me to sleep, I'm nodding off quicker and I'm not having any interrupted sleep so I am generally feeling a little more alive than I normally do. I'm still not a morning person though!!!

    I am partial to some edibles too but I have a high tolerance and I metabolise it quicker when consumed that way. My usual go to is Grim Reefer for her chocolate coffins and Fairy Weed Mother for brownies that are to die for. I do like to try different eds so I'm always open to trying from different vendors

  • How do your family & friends feel about cannabis or your use of cannabis? 
  • My friends are supportive, even friends who don't use cannabis are supportive as they've seen how much it helps. My parents though were a different story in the beginning. They have both seen the positive effects it has had in my health and how much it's helped me. I think they have come to accept that it helps. Especially now I have a legal prescription.

  • Have your parents been curious enough to try themselves?
  • My Dad isn't interested at all but my Mom has had some of Grim's chocolate!!! It was only one square but she said she felt relaxed enough to have a sleep while my Dad was in the hospital. She's tried CBD oil but it's too rich for her tummy and she's said that if she hadn't given up smoking she would go get her own legal prescription!!! She's seen how much it's helped my fibro and she knows it could help her. I keep trying to get her to try bits and pieces. A lot upset her stomach but I'm sure one day we will find the best edible to help her out.

  • Whats your favourite strains?
  • I've always wanted to try some proper purple strains. One of the nicest I've had was a Sunrise Sherbet from Raggamuffinz. Nice organically grown weed that is better than some Cali I've tried.

  • Do you use cbd products too?
  • I do like my CBD balms as it helps my hypersensitivity when that plays up. It calms the nerves and pain receptors in my skin. I've so started using it to massage into my jaw when that starts to lock up.

  • What is your business? How long have you been operating?
  • It's almost 2 businesses in one. There's Already Dead Gifts which has these ceramic tealight holders and coinbanks, witchy themed resin pieces and wax melts. Then there's Spooky's Bongs & Charms which is all the stoner themed items I do. The name came from my first ever resin  mold which makes a bong shaped shaker. I named them Spooky's Bongs. The charms are in the form of bong/rig charms to spruce up your piece and other resin pieces that can be earrings, bag charms, keyrings.  I'm also making a start on some rolling bridges and scoops for kief or loading a vape/bowl. I made a proper start at the Spring Cannacraft fayre with Spooky's B&C. ADG is a brainchild I've had for a long time but never really built it up.

  • What makes your business unique ?
  • Everything is inspired by horror and spook in some way. I decided to make things that I would want to buy as I know I'm not the only goth stoner out there. There's not many gothic stoner gifts out there and I wanna appeal to that. Mostly so I can have spooky stoner tools!!!

  • Where can people find your business?
  • I'm currently on Instagram so you can find my cannapage @thespookystoner_ where I post all my stoner gifts.

    I also have a page for @alreadydeadgifts and a depop @alreadydeaddesigns but I need to sort em out properly. As Buddy would say "DON'T PANCAKE" it's probably already sorted by the time you read this!!!! 

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