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Some of you may already be familiar with this blogs featured CannaBabe & Business. I have been proudly sporting my hand woven hemp rope bracelets created by this fabulous woman for a couple of months and I had the great honour to feature her products in my Lemon Haze Edition of the Buddy's Bathe Boxes. Katie is also a proud owner of a Buddy Mary Original or two. 

Intelligent, kind and a bit of a cutie pie, Katie of Earthen Fibres shares her Canna-Story and tells us a little bit more about her business.(@earthenfibres)  

 From the beginning...
My boyfriend and his friend own a CBD shop in Brighton called CBD Ethics (awesome shop, check them out by the way! @cbdethics / cbdethics.co.uk). I

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was very new to anything cannabis related, as I was brought up with the traditional view that it was a dangerous drug. But hearing all of the amazing stories and feedback from their customers about how they personally found it helped with their pain, epilepsy, insomnia, anxiety, Crohns... the list goes on... made me realise that there must be much more to cannabis than I was lead to believe and decided to give it a try for myself.

I found that CBD in particular helps with my anxiety, it helps me calm down when I'm feeling overwhelmed with stress and panic. I have used it in so many different forms; oils, capsules, edibles, gummies, CBD dabs, vapes, creams and lotions... I find that the edibles or capsules are the best for me. I can take them daily and I find my moods are more balanced, I don't feel as anxious and I can deal with stress so much easier. I used to have a pack of CBD infused mints on my desk at work as it was a subtle way of taking it there!

I got my dad to try taking capsules for the pain in his knees before he had them replaced, and he's continued taking them daily ever since!

My little business is Earthen Fibres! I make hemp macrame bracelets in a growing range of styles and colours and I have just released a couple of keyrings. All products can be made in any colour so you can really make it yours. I've got so many ideas for new products in the future so watch this space!

I am also available for custom orders or wholesale. Bracelets start at just £3.50 plus postage and keyrings start at £6 plus postage.

All packaging is recyclable, biodegradable or made from recycled materials because being as waste free as possible is very important to me.

Earthen Fibres started as something to do during the lockdown. I wanted something crafty to do while I was furloughed and liked the look of macrame. I ordered some cord and gave it a go and found I really enjoyed it. It really helped with my anxiety and helped prevent me from curling up under a blanket on the sofa in a misery hole for hours on end. My boyfriend said the bracelets I made were good enough to sell so I gave it a go (though I wasn't sure anyone would want anything I made!) and here we are !! :) every sale really boosts my self belief and confidence and I appreciate every single one of my customers!

I knew if I was going to sell the bracelets I wanted to be as sustainable as I could. I wanted recyclable or compostable packaging with no plastic. Most macrame is made using cotton, but cotton is not as sustainable as hemp. Hemp requires a lot less water and pesticides and grows so quick that it is the common sense material for so many things! It's harder to find hemp cord produced in the UK (any UK hemp cord suppliers hit me up!) but I've found some from a US company that is stocked in the UK. Not ideal, I would prefer much more local, but the cord itself is really lovely quality and the colours are so amazing!

I am hoping to be doing well enough next year that I can set up my own website, or at least an Etsy page. As I've mentioned I've got plans to make more products, I've just released some keyrings but I have ideas for all sorts of hemp accessories!

I would love to get to a point where I can work a 'normal' job less and less. I have a dream of living somewhere hot, growing my own food and plant medicine and being stress and care free!

I currently sell on Instagram, and I also have a Facebook page. All the colours and styles are best seen on my story highlights on Instagram and I take orders via DMs on either platform.

I am currently stocked in;
CBD Ethics (Brighton)
The Cupboard (Chesham)
The Hemp Garden (Carmarthen) and
Divine Inspiration (Steyning)
More coming soon...!

Wholesale enquiries always welcome ;)

I really hope to be on BuddyMary.co.uk too! I loved being part of the Lemon Haze Bathe Box and hope to work together again in the future!

This is something I am definitely keen on!! Watch this Space!! Thank you so much for sharing you Canna-Story with us. You business beginnings is very similar to mine. Out of a lockdown neccessity to find something to occupy the mind, bring some creativity to my days and make some money if I am lucky. You should be so proud of what you have achieved already.

Your products are so well made, attention to detail is apparent as soon as you open the parcel. Each bracelet is individually wrapped in eco-friendly packaging so you really feel the love. I love my bracelets and haven't taken them off since they arrived through my door. 

And I must say, you have one hell of an eye for photography. I LLLOOVVEE your photographs. your eye for colour. The whole aesthetics of your page. Gorgeous. Classic. Elegant. 

I really excited to see what the future holds for your and cant wait to see you stocked on the website. I am sure you'll pop up in another future Bath Box ;)

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  • Sue

    She’s a very talented lady. Her work is beautiful.

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