A Beautifully uplifting chat with LoveIsEnergy

On Tuesday I had a really lovely and uplifting conversation with LoveIsEnergy Sarah. She has been a great support to Buddy Mary from nearly day one. Shes been a great friends and a wonderful comfort at some high stress times and I am so grateful to know this generous kind hearted & gorgeous woman. It was so wonderful to learn to the extent of the help she has from our favourite healing plant and to share her story with you now. 

When I was teenager, I was with some friends. My best friend has pinched some weed from her brother. My first experience of weed was a hash called zero zero and it made me feel all trippy and it made me feel happy. My boyfriend at the time was always smoking but I felt that it was quite negative as that's all he and his mates were doing. My opinion of weed at that point was really negative. I thought it made people apathetic and lazy. We broke up when I was around 19/20. After that, I didn't smoke at all.

In 2017 cannabis came back into my life when I was told CBD oil was really good for fibromyalgia. I was hesitant to try it because of the past experience with my boyfriend. But I did eventually buy a bottle and within half an hour my body relaxed and felt relief in my joint areas. I couldn't believe it as no pharmaceuticals had made me feel like that. 

I asked my GP if I could come off my pharmaceuticals, using cannabis oil for the withdrawals and he supported it. I started thinking ‘What could actually really cannabis do for me?’. 

I have Ehlers Danlos syndrome so I wanted to try some proper cannabis with THC. I asked a friend to get me some cannabis, I smoked it and it made me feel like I wanted to die. It was awful, really bad intrusive thoughts. But I persisted. I worked out for myself that I needed a very small THC dosage. I then found the Alchemist Confectionery (@alchemist_confectionery) on Instagram, she makes sweets perfect for micro-dosing. At that point I was incredibly depressed.

My first dose (one 5mg sweet), I was high, but I was giggling and happy. Over time I was able to increase the dose and subsequently I have found Indica Cannabis that works for my condition that works for me and doesn't make me have any horrible intrusive thoughts. 

(The photos below , 2 are from Before Cannabis & 2 After Cannabis is in my life.)

My routine with cannabis is smoking CBD and a little bit of THC in the day in a blunt. In the evenings I start taking the sweets around 8-9pm. They help me to sleep, without them I can't sleep. I had such bad insomnia for years before cannabis and now I sleep through the night with micro-dosing sweets.

I have dabs for special occasions or for when I am with people I am comfortable with. It's important I am completely comfortable in the company I am in when I am more than micro-dosing. 

Smoking CBD takes away my anxiety around my pain. My anxiety comes from me being in pain. It warms my body warm and cozy, it feels like a warm hug. That's what I tell people. ‘Try CBD it feels like having a war hug’ 

The benefit mostly now is that my family has a happy mum and wife. They think I am funny because I am coming out with nonsense. I keep going out with silly things and he laughs and says ‘oh us high again’ The difference in me is massive . 

My son takes CBD. He is 15 years old and autistic. We decided to try it on my son as he was very anxious and scared to go out. If we went into town he didn't like big crowds and things. We gave him some CBD and he really noticed the difference. He became more confident when speaking with strangers and would only give one word answers before. His pediatrician couldn't believe the difference in such a short time. And was really supportive. 

Unfortunately, my husband didn't have the same luck with cannabis as I did and it doesn't agree with him so well but he is so supportive of my use.                         

I am really open with my cannabis use. I have tried getting other family members to try CBD. My mum is now on CBD. I have told them that I use THC cannabis as well and nobody has had a negative word against it as they can see how it is benefiting my mood. It's also given me my creativity back. I now have hobbies, I didn't have the drive or mental energy to do anything. I am also practicing my Reiki again which I stopped in 2016 because I wasn't well enough.

I had no energy for myself let alone anyone. But now I feel I am vibrating at the right level again and would be able to help other people. 

I will never stop shouting about how amazing cannabis is and the people it's brought into my life!! 

Thank you so much Sarah. This is such a wonderful story and such an inspiration to others. I really hope these words bring comfort to someone looking for the help and relief we have both found in Cannabis and the cannabis community. 

If you'd like to share your CannaStory with us, drop me an email buddymary@gmail.com or DM on Instagram!


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  • Sue Stringer

    What a lovely uplifting story, from a very strong warrior woman xx

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