The Legendary Lisa: A Real Warriors CannaStory

I am honored to be sharing this strong warrior Queens Canna-Story. She goes through a daily battle with her ailments. Shes been such a support & inspiration to me. I am proud to know her & provide the platform for her to broadcast her Canna-Voice. This is the gorgeous CannaBabe Lisa Bagley's story


Like most people cannabis came into my life around 15. I smoked a lot due to my boyfriend having plenty at the time. I flunked collage and for a good time I worked as a travel agent . I completely fell apart, badly. I ended up very ill in hospital from an infection which lead to sepsis. When I came home I had the most horrendous withdrawals from the morphine I was given. I lost my mind until said ex boyfriend turned up with some weed. I had been addicted to morphine while in there.

Weed calmed me down and helped with the withdrawals. Life moved on. I smoked until they took my eggs for IVF to have my daughter, Milana.
I stopped when I had my babies but always picked it back up again. I didn’t realise at the time the ticking time bomb I had inside me. After my youngest I was working at the hospital covering 5 wards . I was always very loud and passionate about cannabis as a medicine and everyone knew that. I would have one to relax after work so I could sleep. 

Then I got ill with EDS (elhers dalmer syndrome) and a whole load of other crap it brings. I was pumped full of pharmaceuticals, some of which I need. I knew what medicine I wanted though and started smoking for medical reasons. I tell all my Doctors.

How did the doctors react to this information? All of my DRs have been interested if it helps . I was refused medical marijuana. I shouted as I dragged my broken body out of his office, "Now I have to call my OWN dealer!!!!"
My proudest moment though was coming out to the world💚.
Telling my family & friends I use Cannabis & why and how amazing & versatile this plant is! I have always been the black sheep of the family, always did things differently. So at 19, I remember telling my mum, a teaching assistant at a school, "I can go and and smoke this joint round the corner or I can smoke it in the garden". My brother and my Nan are now even taking CBD. So I feel free, I don’t have to lie or not talk about my passion anymore. I’m so glad I did as many people reached out. Cannabis flower doesn’t keep me pain free but it sure helps & keeps the voices on mute in my head. Dabbing next for me. I’m old school and like a big fat joint. I a still hunting for favourite strain

We want to change the stigma. I’m a mum, I smoke.

It helps me deal with my 2 home schooled kids with much more patience. It helps me be a patient parent. Patience isn’t natural to me.

What have you told your children about Cannabis?

My eldest is 12. I told her how it helps my pain and is better for me than all the pills. I also told her no matter what people tell you about things, you should always do your own research no matter what. My younger daughter asked me why I had so many leaves on my wall. I said there my medicine leaves, now she regularly says 'look your medicine leaves'.

That's so heart warming. I am so sorry to hear everything you have gone through but it has clearly helped to make you the powerful woman you are today. Your children will be so proud. You're helping change peoples perception of this miracle plant & the people who use it. Thank you Lisa (@chronic_motherload) so much for sharing yours story with us. #LetsFeminseTheStigma


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  • Sue Stringer

    Wow Lisa is one strong lady! I admire her loads. And homeschooling too….
    That’s wonderful & how amazing Lisa that your daughters will grow up knowing this beautiful plant as a good thing, rather than all the stigma that gets told about drugs. Go Lisa xx

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