Goodness Gracious Me! Small Batch Skincare from Goodness Gracious Green

As its January, I will be set the theme for my content this month; Self Care Club. As January can be one of the gloomiest depressing and hard months of the year, I want to lift your spirits and encourage you to take time at home to care for yourself. Whether its 5mins to sit, have a smoke and enjoy a cup of tea or a whole weekend of self care rituals. Make sure you allow yourself some rest. 

Lets start our selfcare journey but getting to know one badass small business run by a badass woman making bad ass small batch plant based skincare, Goodness Gracious Green. I've been a fan of GGG since last summer and they have since been vendors at my CannaCraft Fayre twice and I am sure you'll be seeing her at future events. 

GGG took the time to answer my usual questions for small CannaBiz....

-When/how were you introduced to Cannabis? What did you know about it before?

I wasn't a smoker of cannabis but I started working for a big CBD company back in 2017. I had been to Amsterdam quite a few times in the past and had some interesting experiences with edibles (I now know I have a very low tolerance to THC!) Almost every partner I've since being a teenager has been a smoker so have learnt about it as a smoker vicariously.

-How long have you been using cannabis for?
I have been taking CBD oil or capsules every day or night since I first started working for the CBD company, so 4 years now. And I've also learnt the importance of the whole plant and so have made sure the oils contain other cannabinoids including small amounts of THC.
Why do you use cannabis? How do you feel it benefits your mind, body and soul?
I think it is an amazing plant and over the time working with it I've seen and heard about the ailments it can help and cure - sometimes with miraculous results. Personally I think CBD helps with my stress and anxiety levels and THC helps with my sleep and recovery. And who knows what other things it's helping my body fight off on a daily basis.
-What mode(s) of administration do you favour? Are you a purist, use a herbal blend or tobacco?
I occasionally vape flower, but otherwise I take sublingual oils or capsules. I'm also regularly microdosing psilocybin (every 4 days) which I think has helped my mental state a great deal. I feel a lot more balanced and less bothered about hard situations. 
-Who are your favourite Cannabis Brands?
I make my own oils and capsules so I guess it's GGREEN.CO! Otherwise I refer people to Another CBD Company.
(*Buddy recommends Orange County CBD and uses their 12k oil & gummies. You can get 25% off their whole website with BUDDYMARY at checkout on their website)
-How do your family & friends feel about cannabis or your use of cannabis
Most friends are right there with me, the few that aren't have listened to my tales of miraculous treatments and have come around to the plant too! Family the same.
-What is your business? What do you sell/create/distribute?
I started Goodness Gracious Green to create superior balms packed full of natural butters and oils which enhance and compliment the active ingredient Cannabidiol. I hand make all balms in small batches from a certified kitchen in Newcastle upon Tyne. To achieve optimal formulations, I have tried and tested all of my recipes on myself and continue to do so on a daily basis.
-What inspired you to start your business? What makes it unique to you?
I noticed the company I worked for and others like it only had one or two balms on offer  with very few ingredients - often with identical recipes and formulations. My general interest in plants, herbs and essential oils for medicinal use inspire me to start creating more complex recipes more targeted to specific needs using a lot more that Mother Nature has to offer.
-Where can we find your business?
My website is: www.gggreen.co
Instagram page is here: gggreen.co
-What do you hope to achieve with your business in the future?
Want to expand the non CBD natural body products and maybe one day offer cbd oils and capsules including other helpful ingredients for specific needs.
Thank you to Goodness Gracious Green for taking the time to share your CannaBiz story! Make sure you're following this Queen on her socials and check out the website! I adore these products for gifts for my family and hot damn is her branding on point!! Try the lip balm!

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