Welcome Emma Lillian Art! The First Artist to Join Mary's Artist Buddies

Welcome Emma Lilian Martin to the Buddy Mary's website!

Emma is an Irish based artist I have had the pleasure of knowing since 2009 where we both were living in the same block of student halls in Cardiff. Our first day we met outside our block ready for our Induction Meeting. 

She was a cute AF alternative looking woman with doc martens & tattoos. My kinda lady. We became close friends from that day. 

Emma can take credit for helping introduce me to Cannabis. I remember one particular afternoon hanging out in her bedroom 2 floors up from mine with our mutual friend Evie. Both were experienced cannabis smokers, I was green as fresh grass, trying to sit with the big girls. I remember laying back, feeling like I was floating in gentle blackness a little further away from them, almost like an outer body experience. I felt their voices wash over me. I wanted to open my eyes but couldn't. Painless, stress-less, and oh so peaceful. It was bliss. 

I am so proud to introduce her work to you, the first to Join Mary's Buddies! Emma (@emmalilian.art) has created a stunning Cannabis Inspired Piece especially for Buddy Mary’s website.

Emma, how long have you been smoking weed for?

I started when I was 16, I came from the country (the arse end of nowhere) I used to get the bus on a Friday after school and that’s where I met some interesting people who introduced me to weed. 

How do you use cannabis?

I’ve been tobacco free for 3 years now. If rolling spliffs, I use a blend of raspberry & marshmallow leaf with organic rose petals. I try to be as chemical free as possible. I recently rekindled my love for the bong again. Back in the old days my favourite method was homemade lungs made from plastic bottles and a bread bag. If you pulled the bag down it pulled in the smoke. Nowadays it’s bongs, and my herbal vape Spirit Storm. I also use RSO to make coconut oil, or just on some chocolate if I am sore from my day job

What benefits, if any, does cannabis bring to your life?

It gives me the opportunity to socially interact with people as I get anxiety. It helps me relax after a hard day's work when my muscles are aching and I'm in agony. Naturally, I have a busy brain and it helps me to focus on tasks and generally be more thoughtful. 

What's your day job? 

Dog trainer/animal carer. And an artist.

So talking arty stuff. What did you do before UWIC?
I went to art college and spent 3 there learning about ceramics, graphic design, textiles and print.. Good fun! 

How long was the UWIC course for? 

It was 3yrs of Illustration. And took a break for a bit and then lingered in Cardiff for a few months after and was back home in Ireland by autumn, 

I gave up for a while and focused on my animal care job for a few years, learning about welfare and animal behaviour, but there was always time to rediscover my love for art and creating things again. The break and caring for animals helped me to realise I need more colour and compassion in my life, and I think this has transformed my art to become more positive. My work has transformed and became more refined, more colour, more joyful. 

Who are your favourite artists? Who inspired you most? 

I have so many different artists that inspire me in so many ways, my good friend Ira who is sadly no longer with us, was and still is a big inspiration for me, that guy could make faces out of anything! From found footballs to making his own glue for papier mache!

I always try to inspire people to make art with me so I guess my friends are an inspiration too. I remember having a few painting seshes with Buddy Mary (and can’t wait for some more!) 

Some of my faves are Henri Rousseau, Frida Kahlo & Friedensreich Hundertwasser, Basquiat, Howard Finster. I do enjoy graffiti art.

What are your favourite mediums to work with? 

Gouache and Ink

Yeah I always remember you as mixed media artist. You have definitely inspired me over the years from your methods and process years ago.

I have started using different types of wood oil to give it a sort of shine and seal. I like working with textures and layers and I have just started playing with oil bars. Which are like oil paint but in giant crayons 

What inspires you? There seems to be a theme in your work at the moment.

Nature definitely inspires me and my animals. I love to grow things. I think living in the lockdown in a street with terrace houses is fascinating as you can get to know people. Homes are something I am drawn to at the moment, buildings and comfortable spaces. Things like that.

And now Cannabis of course. Tell me about the painting your have painted for Buddy Mary, ‘Sweet Buddy’.

I was feeling a bit rough and meh about things and the world. And I wanted to paint something that makes me feel happy and cannabis makes me feel happy and brings more colour into my life. The original is on Recycled cardboard. Primed with white acrylic and then I used gouache and ink and that was it. 4 sittings and 5 hours. It's a lot of layering to the painting. The prints are on recycled paper as well. The original painting is also for sale

Can we look forward to more Emma Lillian Cannabis inspired artwork in the future or was ‘Sweet Buddy’ a one off? 

I don't know, maybe, hopefully, definitely. Haha. There will be more cannabis inspired art to come, yip yip!

Are you open for commissions? 

Commissions are very much open for discussion, prices depend on size, time spent and use of materials. So pieces can vary from £10 up! It's all up for discussion as I'm keen to capture what the client is dreaming of.Anyone interested in commissions can contact me through Instagram, @emmalillian.art or email emmamartin9@msn.com.

Thank you so much Emma!! I am blown away by your first piece, I am so excited to see what other cannabis inspired works you produce. I can’t wait to frame my print with the rest of your work I have been collecting over the years. 

If you’d like to purchase your own copy of this beautiful cannabis inspired piece titled ‘Sweet Buddy’, head over to ‘Mary’s Artist Buddies’ Collection.

If you are a cannabis inspired artist of the female persuasion & would like your artwork sold on BuddyMary.co.uk, drop me a message for details. 


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  • Sue Stringer

    Such beautiful art.
    I’m quite creative, but drawing isn’t something I’m very good at, I really admire people who can draw & paint like this x

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