The First Buddy's Bath Boxs: An Inside Look...

They are finally here!! Its not seret how much time I spend in the Bath so it was a matter of time before a stoner bath box gift set happened...

I am proud to announce Buddy's Bath Boxes are now Live! Boxes will be released monthly. Each month Buddy Mary's Bath Box will be themed around the 'Strain of The Month'.


The First Strain of the Month is Strawberry Ammo!

You'll even get to vote for your favourite strain as Strain Of The Month in Buddy Mary's Insta stories.

So whats in the boxes? Because everyone likes to enjoy this beautiful plant in different ways, you have a choice of either:

Themed Rolling Papers & Limited Edition Handmade Roach Clips


A PieceMaker Gear Silicone Pipe

Each months box will also include themed:

- High quality digital print of Buddy Mary Original Illustration of the Strain

- CBD bath bomb or CBD bath product

-  Flavoured vegan candles or wax melts

-Something Sweet To Eat

- Something To Drink

- Rolling Papers

- A little pipe / roach clip / small smoking aid

- an extra little gift or two 

These will change month to month so no two boxes will be the same.

This months box includes: 

A 50mg CBD Strawberry Bath Bomb, a strawberry Buddy Mary candle, handknitted face cloth, Fry's vegan Strawberry Chocolate, Strawberry Glow Herbal tea, Pink Mascotte Rolling papers, a quality print of my Strawberry Ammo illustration and a couple of Buddy Mary's slaps.

There is only 10 boxes for the inital launch but numbers will be growing as the months go on. To find out about the monthly bath boxes sign up for the Buddy Mary Newletter at the bottom of the website homepage to find out first. 

If you would like to see a certain something in Buddy's Bath Boxes drop me a message, I'd love to hear your suggestions. 

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  • Sue

    Beautiful bath boxes. So pretty & unique too! Makes me wish I’d got a bath, instead of just a shower room, so I can indulge. Made with so much love & care too!
    Keep going my friend, you’re doing fabulous!

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