Buddy Reviews Dr. Green's 800mg Milk Chocolate Bar Review

On Sunday 27th February, I had the pleasure of trialling what's left of my Dr. Green Chocolate bar.

We had had guests stay with us on the Friday night visiting from Amsterdam so I had to share the chocolate then. Between the 3 of us, half of the bar had got us in to a really lovely place along side the other yummies we were consuming. I was curious to try the remainder of the bar myself to see what kind of effect 300mg-400mg of this bar would do to me. 

I have quite a high tolerance and I have consumed edibles that claimed to be 500mg, 600mg+ before while not feeling as high as I had hoped. Different baseline, poor edibles? Until lad testing is easily accessible, I cant answer that. Only through trial, error and making notes along the way can work out what doses of what do what, what works for me and what doesn't. 

First Impressions

The packaging is sleek, professional, minimalist and quality. With a Dr. Green product, never except anything but banging branding, this was no different. 

The chocolate had been tempered well, it has a lovely shine, a nice snap and no blooming. The flavour is smooth, sweet and very nice. Its reminiscent of calendar chocolate. If you are not a fan of cannabis flavoured edibles, this isn't for you. Don't let that put you off his other products, the syrups are great for those who aren't a fan of weedy things. 

5 Pieces Down...

I ended up having a very difficult time the 2-3hr that followed taking the edible due to technology not working the way it should as well as other things that caused me to come very very close to a large meltdown. Thanks to the chocolate I only melted down at around 50/60% instead of what may have happened. I do think this sobered me a little too and popped the lovely coming up high. 

I was determined to make the most of the day, I just relaxed for the rest of the day, played with Pie and had one of my good friends around for Sunday dinner.

Last 2 down the hatch...

Yup, I was hiiiiiigh. It was definitely a good afternoon. I was pleasantly surprised by how effective it was. Definitely one of the best chocolates I have had for effects. I think this could quickly be a new favourite of mine from the Dr...!!

If you'd like to see what I really got up to on Sunday afternoon/evening while I was blaaaaazed please check out my YouTube video...fingers crossed its working below, 'embedded' in this blog.

You can find Dr. Green on Instagram here on his main account and here on his back up. 

If you would like to have Buddy review your products please get in touch via email on buddymarysw@gmail.com or you can drop me a DM on Instagram. 

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