Vaping 101 With Peng The Magic Dragon: Vaping for Beginners

Since I first tried these vapes last summer I have certainly changed my mind on them with thanks to Peng The Magic Dragon. Since last summer he had adjusted his recipe and thought I should take another pop at them...Well I'm sold.

They don't replace a bong or a spliff but they do get you high and they are another (lighter) way of consuming cannabis. I find I can work for longer and a bit harder with them. I go much longer between bong bowls and don't feel as heavy as combusting can make you feel. After all, you're still getting a hit of carbon dioxide and that can cause you to feel a bit of lethargy.

They are ridiculously discreet, they taste delicious and they get the job done...IF you're using them correctly. Little did I know before having a word with this knowledgeable man that most people don't vape correctly. 

After watching Peng repeat himself so many times on Live streams answering the same questions I know he must get asked 1000 times a day I thought I would give him a hand and get all of those burning FOAs down. 

So enough waffle, if you're already here, you're already wanting get started.... 

First thing to talk about is the device/batteries.

When you're buying a battery you're investing in your cartridge. If you want to make the most out of your cats you don't get a £10 battery. Most of the carts you get on the market are 510thread. This means that at the bottom of the cart is the metal thread that twists into the battery. This is called 510 thread. 

Make sure your battery is always topped up to ensure the best performance. 

When you are using the device you want to set it to the lowest wattage to get the most of your oil. This will vary from device to device so check your instructions. Terps and cannabinoids burn off at different temperatures, so picking the lowest temperature setting will mean you are not burning off those important compounds youre wanting to toot on!

The ideal battery I recommend is a Honeystick twist £20 on amazon. 

Next thing to talk about is the oil you're using. 

There’s generally 2 types of oil that are vaped in cannacarts. 

Type 1 - distillate and terps for its strain profile takes and effects. Distillate is a lab produced product derived from cannabis. It is a highly purified form of THC or CBD. There are synthetic lab made terps, fruit terps and cannabis derived terps.

Type 2 - a cannabis concentrate mixed with a liquidiser. Liquidizer could be PG, MCT or Organic terps. I’d call this a vape oil. The vape oil has a lower viscosity to the distillates. 

Your 510 cartridge will screw into your device and you’re ready to go.

So we’ve covered the battery and the cartridge, next let's talk...

How to Vape….No this isn't a no brainer, yes you’re probably going to do it wrong….like I did.

Press your button & inhale for 2-3 seconds, release the button & continue to inhale for about 2-3 seconds to help the coil cool. Hold for a few seconds or as long as comfortable and exhale.

You are not looking to achieve but clouds when you're tooting on your canna like this. You’re intended to get as much of that good shit in you as possible with as little waste as possible. Whether this is through burning it off in the device or taking too big a toot and exhaling out more than you’ve taken in. This means if you're exhaling large clouds, you're exhaling your meds. 

Wait 1-2 mins between taking the next toot on your device. This helps the coil cool down. This is why you may want to continue your inhale after releasing the button to help speed up the cool down time. 

What you want to avoid is ‘chain-vaping’. This means multiple hits in a short space of time. This is a fast track to burning off your terps and cannabinoids, burning off your coil and wasting money.

Chain vaping would be like hitting trying to take a dab while your bangers are still glowing. For those who are wanting to take more hits than the coil allows, a good way to avoid burnout would be to invest in multiple cartridges. Switching them between puffs.

Questions for Peng: 

What is your opinion on Liquidisers/wax thinner?

They serve their purpose. If you want to be able to vape a concentrate that's not in a dab rig, you need to make the solid into a liquid and it's about knowing what agent to facilitate that process. Some people can be sensitive to certain agents like PG so certain carts may not work for you. 

Is PG bad for you? I don't think there is enough research or science done on it yet. Maybe in 20-30yrs they are showing adverse effects that can be linked back to propylene glycol we will know but it is a controversial topic in the vaping world.  

What type of carts do you make?

I make 3 types of cartridges. I make distillate with added or organic terps. I make vape oil cartridges and then the 3rd type that isn't listed above is what you call a full concentrate cart which is more for the advanced vapour rather than the beginner as it gets a bit more technical.

How long have you been doing it for and how did you get into it? I have been making carts for 3 years. There was a vitamin E scandal in America. A factory in America were making PG but it was contaminated with some vitamin E which was released to market. When people vaped that product with vitamin E in there it put water in the lungs and gave them pneumonia and they died. When that happened and people were dying all over the world, I stopped using American cartridges as I didn't want to risk it and decided to do some research and made my own. 

How long do they tend to last? That's down to your personal use. A half ml cartridge may last around the same as a HQ-Q or flower. (Buddy: “ I use it along side flower and it lasted approx 5-7days”). I had feedback recently from a customer swapping from flower to carts. The initial transition period was a little expensive purchasing the flower and carts (but also got higher than usual) but after the transition period the carts are lasting longer than the price equivalent of flower. 

Do they hit the same as flower? Will they get me stoned? It's down to personal use and tolerance. If you're hitting the dab rig in the morning, the carts would be useless to you. It is totally down to personal use.

Another thing is that it's a different kinda high to a flower. So it won't hit the same, as you're not combusting. You will get higher of carts or more stoned as your using a concentrate and your body will be absorbing more of it than big lungfuls of smoke. When you combust you’re only getting around

 20% of the cannabinoids in the cannabis but the carts 85%+ in the vape oil and 90%+ for distillate carts. 

Where can we find you?

Follow me on Instagram for updates, product reviews etc. and to be verified as a real person. Preferred methods of contact would be Telegram, Wickr, Snapchat or Whatsapp.

Thank you so much for taking the time to go through the ins and out of basic bitch vaping. We hope you have found this helpful and has answered many of the questions asked when people are first getting into vaping their flower. 

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