New Herb Who Dis? Meet Peace & Grow

Welcome Peace & Grow to the scene. You've probably already seen this on my IG page or others. Peace & Grow seemed to have burst into existence. You probably cant scroll far through your cannabis feed without seeing something about this gorgeous Hemp Flower. Read about this incredibly flavoursome Kush from the creator of Peace & Grow, @NiniBee_

Peace & Grow was created from my passion for hemp, and my love for cannabis and natural remedies. I believe that plants have a lot to offer if we respect them. That’s why I wanted to make available on the UK market some great quality hemp, imported from Oregon where I saw it grow. Oregon soil is well known for being one of the purest and cleanest. Which is why the Kush Hemp is naturally rich in cannabinoids and full of powerful terpenes. 

It matters a lot to me to emphasize this as there is a lot of scammers in the hemp CBD flowers market. Many brands use poor quality cheap flowers and spray some terpenes and cannabinoids isolates on them, which is sad. When you truly care about the plants and the people, you want to be able to offer natural products. This Kush Hemp is my pride.

All the packages are sealed with a Cannverify label, with a unique code which gives you access to the lab reports. Being transparent and being able to show you exactly what you’re consuming is really important for Peace & Grow too. This is the only brand using this system in the UK, and the second brand using it for hemp in the world. Cannverify is a very secured service which double checks your products and make them traceable. 


For the whole vibe of Peace & Grow I wanted to make people feel as if they were inhaling a big dose of nature, of forest, and Oregon breeze. I wanted to create a vintage “cabin in the woods” vibe and take people into my world. I hope this is what you all feel!

I have just started but I have many projects in mind! I want to improve my packaging to offer something even more secure and sustainable. 

I have a new product coming in November, surprise ! And I hope to gather funds to make some merch. I have been working on cool designs for T-shirts and tote bags ... and I hope to be able to sell them soon!


I am extremely grateful for all the support I’ve had so far. This community makes me feel so loved! I am even happier that you guys love the products and appreciate the quality of it. I am very grateful that you’re all taking time to share some photos with me and give a feedback. This means way more than you could think! 

It feels like we’re all together in this journey, and I hope it’ll be a long one.

Thank you much for sharing. Its really wonderful to know with confidence where the flowers are coming from and what we are putting in our body. As a lot of us are using cannabis for wellness and medical reasons, some of these reasons being the unknown rubbish in pharmaceuticals going into your body, its so reassuring to be able to learn whats in our medicine. 

Unfortunately the laws in our country prevent this from being common place practice with patients having to turn to black market dealers, unsure about the strain, quality and safety of what they are hoping will bring them relief. 

I was lucky enough to get my hands on some of this life saving flower during a very bad Trigeminal Neuralgia flare up. One side of  face had swollen up, I was in gradually increasing pain, decreasing amounts of sleep, fearful of eating and losing hope again. A little bag of this miracle flower came through the post. Wow, it couldn't have come sooner. Where have you been my whole chronic pain life??

I had 2 bowls of the pre-ground wine bottle green herb in my bong bowl and woooow. It was so smooth it was like there wasnt a bowl in my bong, like a hit of fresh air & terpenes. I tastes a creamy chocoalteyness but there was a savoury almost thyme like taste too. I mixed a little into a blunt with some of my regular THC weed. Half a doobie later II am out cold, propped up in bed but bent over sideways, jaw dangling, drooling dead to the world asleep and relatively pain free. My partner told me it looked like the most uncomfortable position but he didnt want to disturb me. He had never seen me feel like that. I had started feeling my body sliding out of remission and back into a full blown Trigeminal Neuralgia attack. This power flower swooped in and stopped it dead in its tracks. After a couple of days of using Peace & Grow my face had deflated and the pain was back to manageable levels. If I can avoid it, I haven't gone a day without it since. 

After this in the morning there is nothing better than making up a fat blunt of pure P&G Kush. I nurse this from 10am-12pm. Any anxieties I have woken up with, any minor aches & pains can be brought to a manageable level. Its a really nice way to smoke through the day without getting 'too high' when you've got tasks that require a little more brain power.

We should judge a product by its packaging but I must say I adore the who Peace & Grow retro cwtchy rustic vibes. The logo is pretty bad ass and how bloody cute are those prerolls?! As someone who will be out walking a woof in all weathers, these prerolls are going to be so handy to keep in a coat pocket next to the poo baggies. If you found the right lighter, it could fit in there along side so you're totally prepared for your pooch walk. 

You must remember cannabis/cbd is such a personal thing and its all about finding what works for you personally. What may work for one thing with you may not be the same way for someone else. For me & my needs, this flower is the ONE. Over this past year I feel I learn more & more about the value of CBD & cannabinoids in my life. I can definitely recommend trying out CBD flower in your medicine tool kit. If you're looking for a place to start, try Peace & Grow. 

I don't just take my word. This is was a few P&G customers had to say.

"Lovely Smoke" @lia_m30

"It's amazing really helping me quit tobacco" @codyschronicals

"I think this flower has completely changed the weed game for me" @PowerPuffHerbs

"The best CBD hemp kush I've ever tasted" @sue.stringer.1970

Peace & Grow is available as unadulterated buds, pre-ground bags and cute as fuuudge pre-rolls directly from their website.


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  • Sue Stringer

    Nina is doing so great & bringing us a top quality product at affordable prices & all this from a truly, remarkable lady, who’s as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside xx

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