My CannaStory: NiniBeeeee Queen of the Kush

Next in my Real Life Stories series we have the Queen of Blue Ridge Kush, Nina.P (@Ninibe_). Nina, 32, was trained to sell CBD before she had even tried Cannabis, let alone an isolated cannabiniod. She has even had the privilege to go to California to get her hands stuck in with the greenery. She takes time from her busy schedule to tell me a bit about her Cannais Journey...

My journey in cannabis started about 4 years ago, when I was studying psychology and working in Whole Foods. I started learning about the endocannabinoid system at university when studying psychology at the same time as I started being trained to sell CBD. I was quickly drown into the THC side of the plant too. I was lucky enough to meet the right people who took me under their wings in the cannabis world. I had my first dabs, first joints, first edibles, always surrounded by people who care and willing to educate me and guide me to the best direction.  I’m really grateful for all the knowledge and love these people shared with me because I wouldn’t be here right now without them. I capitalized information, skills and connections ... I had to proved myself many times, I started working countless hours and most of the time for free... and soon after graduating this paid off: I was offered great work opportunities in the cannabis industry. I risked it all and just went for it. 

I have never been a fan of the “binge” culture. Getting really drunk or getting fucked with drugs is not my jam. I enjoy cannabis on a daily basis, mostly dabs. It helps with my endometriosis and my autoimmune condition. Plus I enjoy the little high and chill I get from it. It always makes me happy and never stop me from getting shit done. 

I am so happy to have been welcomed in a community that is quite misogynistic and I’m glad all of us, girls, stand together and support each other. 

Thank you so much Nina! So 4 years ago you were training to sell CBD before you had a chance to try the THC / 'normal weed' side before? that's very interesting.  

I started with CBD. I was taught about the Endocannabinoid system during my psychology/neuroscience studies at uni and got super interested! And this happened at the same time where we started having CBD oil on the shelves in UK health stores. Whilst working in whole foods, I met a few friends selling CBD during the day and going to cannabis clubs at night. They introduced me to this world and I loved it. Everyone was welcoming and willing to share their knowledge with me.

Is dabbing your preferred mode of administration?   Do you have somewhere you'd recommend to get your concentrates to dab & equipment (for someone who hasn't tried it before)

Dabbing is my favourite way, using hash rosin. I have never bought concentrates in the UK so unfortunately I can’t recommend anything. I have mine from the US. Happy Cabbage is an excellent brand with amazing concentrates! I use glass bongs + quartz nails. I didn’t use to like hot dabs but now I do, and I only take very teeny tiny dabs, haha. I’m a very light weight when it come to THC, but I still like to dab every day. Not necessarily in social settings but more by myself at home. It’s my little treat, my “me time”. 


Can you tell me what were the great work opportunities you mentioned? 
 The great work opportunities happened when people met me at The Hackney Hemp Club, or during The CBD Europe Expo... I was networking a lot, plus, people liked what I did on social media and invited me to cover events in social media, take pictures, network... This led me to getting a job for Blue Ridge Hemp in America, which was amazing. I had the chance to travel a lot and go to some of the biggest cannabis events such as MJBizCon in Vegas or The Emerald Cup in Santa Rosa

Oh my Goddess..wow. So whats your connection to Blue Ridge Hemp?
Blue Ridge Hemp: they liked my work on social media, they had heard from me from other people in the business, they asked me to come give a hand at Product Earth and we decided to carry on working together.
What is your advice for someone wanting to working in the Canna-Industry?
My advice would be : be friendly and don’t take sides. The cannabis industry is very competitive and people tend to be against each other. Staying true to yourself and not take any side, be friendly with everyone is the best way to be at a good place in this industry.
And also put your best skills forward. It can be creativity, communication, networking, writing.... just show yourself off. 
I think that's just golden advice for life!! Yes dropping truth nuggests.
Speaking of nugs, Do you have any favourite strains? 
I haven’t tried all the strains of course 😂.  But some of my favourites from what I tried would be “Garlic Breath”, “Tropicana Cookie”, “Purple Petals”, and “Wedding Cake”.
Lastly, from your social page I've been perving on your library. Are there any books you'd recommend?
For the books, my favourite one is “ A 4000 years Herstory of Women and Marijuana” by Nola Evangelista . This books goes back 4000 years ago until nowadays, taking the example of famous women through history who used cannabis. It goes from Indian goddesses, Cleopatra, to Janis Joplin, Maya Angelou or Jennifer Anniston.
Ok, I genuinely didn't know Jennifer Aniston was on the cannabis bus with us. WTF. Long time girl crush of mine right there! 
Thank you so so much for taking the time to chat with me. I personally find you inspirational, I hope this chat will give more women confidence to come forward and totally own their cannabis use & to take charge.
The main photos featured of Nina inspired me so much I had to recreate it in paint. I felt it captured the spirit of this beautiful plant this website & my life celebrates. The light, the dark, the delicate, the strength, the feminine.
The original painting is acrylic paint on an A3 canvas & took approximately 20hours to complete.
The Original CannaQueen painting is available for purchase. Digital prints will be available in A3 & A4 prints in the very near future. 
The CannaQueen
Digital Prints are available now but not on my website. Are not up to the high standard I would like my work presented. Discounted prints are currently available. If you you'd like a discounted print, please message through Instagram.
Want your story or business featured? Reach out on the website, drop me an email at buddymary@gmail.com or drop me a DM on Instagram! 

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  • Sue Stringer

    I’m loving these stories from such amazing inspirational women. And the talents & genuine loveliness too.

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