DaVinci IQ2 Dry Herb Vaporizer Review

DaVinci's tech was founded by Cortney Smith in 2011! A CannaQueen made this device! Named after the famous artist for its relentless innovation. I was given the pleasure of trying out one of this beautiful devices and reporting back! This device is so beautiful it makes it so easy to create eye catching photos.
First Impressions
Opening the parcel you are greeted by a riot of colour. It was a true present to open! Although I will not lie, I was overwhelmed by this device when it first landed with me. It all looked rather complicated and technology is not my strong suit. Really its quite simple to use. 
The box it came in has magnetized saloon doors and even features a draw! That's just the pack! Can you blame me for thinking the whole device would be a mind game?! But damn is it beautiful. 
I was sent...
The DaVinci IQ2 in Amethyst. With extra tiny screws, different style mouth piece, spare pokey tool, 10x cotton extract pads, ceramic extract tile, 1 ceramic pod and 1 silicone sleeve for the ceramic pod. 
The Dosage Grinder purpose built grinder for loading the device pods. 
The Premium Dosage Holder with 6 ceramic pods & 6 silicone sleeves
DaVinci Rubber Bracelet, Landyard & Collectible Pin
To Use The Device
Once I started to investigate I realised its really not so scary. Its actually rather simple.
Pop your pods into the bottom of the dosage grinder, grind your flower, use the brush tool to gently pack down the flower. screw on the pod lids and load your spares you are not using into your dosage holder. These pods take 0.2g of flower. You can use the pods to vape extract AND flower at the same time. 
For using with extracts either use a cotton pad in the pod and then your ceramic tile on top or you can make a cannabis 'sandwich' as recommended by Red Eye Skye. Pop a layer of flower in the pod, then a dab of extract and then another layer of flower to soak it up. 
Simply pop the pod into the device and turn it on by pressing the button 5 times. 
You can load the device without the pods. the chamber takes up to 0.5g flower!! WOOF!
There are 2 different ways to use the device. The preprogramed heat settings or with the Precision Mode. The 4 different heat settings give you a different experience based on whether you would like more Flavour, Mind, Body or Rest kinda hit. I like using the Precision mode at approx. 200c.
The device vibrates when its reached its desired setting, the flavour develops over the 5mins the device is on and then it automatically turns itself off. You can use the bowl again or empty it. 
To unload it, you use the pokey down tool hiding in the device to remove your flower or the pod....
Thats it!! You've used the vape!
Other features...
There are other features with this device. There is an app you can download to use side by side with the device. It can set temperature as well as monitor your cannabinoid intake. I haven't managed to connect the Bluetooth up to my phone as I believe my Bluetooth is faulty.
The device can be charged by directly plugging it in to a micro USB charger or you can remove the batteries and recharge externally.   
Review On Use So Far...
Um..yeah I love it!! I had never tried extracts in a device before and it blew my head off. I used the tiniest amount of 'Space Centre' from Wax Works NI and the flavour was beyond!
I have had experience with a couple of different handheld dry herb devices before but this is now my favourite. The flavour was amazing, even when you're using the 0.2g pods, you still get a lot from it. The herb is clearly heated evenly through, and I mean evenly. My Pax seems to have a habit of heating one side too much and could toast the flower. 
As it turns itself off after the designated amount of time you aren't overheating your herb or device.
I definitely feel I got more flavour and a bitter hit off this than my previous devices. The draw is really smooth and you're even able to control the air flow through the device. 
The draw and the clouds are impressive. I am thoroughly enjoying using the device so far. I haven't had the need to properly clean it yet but watching the featured videos on the Da Vinci Website, it seems to be rather straight forward.
Although this may seem liken an expensive purchase, they seemed to have thought of everything in the way it functions. It is a really really beautifully designed piece of kit.
If you would like to see a slightly more in-depth video review on YouTube, you can find that here.
Thank You so much to DaVinci Vapes for sending this wonderful Content Creator Package. It's been an absolute pleasure. If yo'u like to check out their website for a closerlook at the full range of devices they make, hit this button
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