WTF is a Devil Press E-Nail??: Product Test & Review

Myself & Mr. Buddy were kindly sent a pretty badass kit by the generous people of Devil Press to test & review. Devil Press are the makers of Europe's No.1 Hydraulic, Manual and Electric Rosin Press Extraction Machines.

Inside this parcel was a pack of 5 funky silicone tubs, a Devil Press embroidered polo shirt for Mr. Buddy, a full set of Devil Press dabbing tools, a beautiful glass banger and twisty carb cap in a display box and last but not least, the E-nail kit itself.

This was both mine and Mr. Buddy's first experience dabbing like this. We consider ourselves to still be newbies in the 710 world. We've used a Puff Co. a

traditional dab rig and of course, our Rig in One from Stache Products.

Inside the handing padded carry case of the E-kit we had the device itself was:

- an instruction pamphlet

- 2 glow in the dark terp pearls

- the special banger to attach the device's coil

-banger clip

-twisty carb cap. 

Before we cracked it open we had a little google at what temperature was best to use (370-550F). I also asked the advice of the Queen of Dabs, @Ladybudsof London what temperature, who suggested 450-550.

Testiing Testing 1,2.

Opening the biish up and assembling was actually super easy. 

Plug the plug in the plug. coil onto banger. clip into banger. banger onto rig. Done. 

I am a technophobe. I'm not great with electric. I'm not going to lie, I was intimidated by the thing. We did a Live stream dab sess on @buddymary_sw2 as we broke the thing in. I was a bit afraid of it so let Mr. Buddy take the controls.

With dabbing we learnt low & slow is best. Different chemicals are released at different temperature so don't burn off your good stuff! We started at 370F, maybe because we were streaming Live, I felt the heating was a bit slow initially but when I used the thing unsupervised myself the next morning, heat up is VERY quick!! 

370 was definitely too low to feel anything but we did get a lung full of very green smelling terps, like fresh cut greens. Really aromatic.

Next we tried 400F: still too low but definitely more flavours developing.

420F (cos duh): Still a touch to low but starting to feel and taste a lot more.

450F: yes please beautiful!! I felt this is when I got the high and all the benefits of the flavour and zero coughs, zero dry back of the throat, zero dab sweats. 

Up to 505F: I didn't enjoy this as much, it was hotter, it was crunchier with

coughs and it started to discolour the extracts which I felt meant it was cooking them too much. Back down to 450F, that's my sweet spot.

Review & Summary

I really like this piece of kit. Now i have spent some time with it, fiddled around with settings I am really quite impressed. The controls are really easy to use. You cant accidentally switch it on and burn your house down. It even has a self timer which switches off after 30, 45, 60, 75 or 90 mins (you set the time). If you don't like using Fahrenheit you can adjust to Celsius. 

For someone like me who gets easily distracted, its a really helpful tool. I had a habit of heating the rig up, getting distracted, heating it up again, getting distracted. By the time I got round to do the da I'd be impatient and most of the time burn the extracts. No good to anyone burnt! With an even and constant temperature I don't have to worry about loosing any of the medicinal clout, I don't have to handle a torch! 

For those who have trouble with hand eye coordination or chronic illnesses that may cause them to struggle with a traditional da b rig, I can really see these being beneficial. As far as I'm concerned our torch can go in a draw for backup. It's easy to assemble & use and I feel I am getting more from my extracts. I'm totally an E-nail girl now! 

Thank you so much to Devil Press for sending us this incredible kit! We are having so much fun with our new toy! We're very grateful for this opportunity to test & review. 

DevilPress.co.uk / @official_devilpress

If you'd to watch Mr. Buddy & Myself break in this bad girl you can watch our IGTV video here

Keep on scrolling for a few more photoies of this gorgeous setting up and a few bonus shots of this goof using it!


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