PieceMaker Gear Karma Pipe: A Product Review from Kayleigh Fuller

Kayleigh is a mum of one who suffers from Trigeminal Neuralgia, the same extreme pain condition as myself. 

The Karma Piecemaker Pipe is a food grade, FDA approved silicone with stainless steel bowl & a spill proof cap.  The Karma is available in a range of colours & also at the 'Karma Go' complete with carabiner to clip onto belt or keys, the lid is attached to prevent loss on the go! 

I gave Kayleigh the Candy Stripe pipe with green cap. Here's Kayleigh's review...

"I'm a smoker who was looking for away to cut out tobacco. I've not had much experience with pipes, so was scouting for an easy to use one and I definitely found it in with the PieceMaker Candy Stripe Karma. As soon as I saw it I fell in love.

It's bright and pretty, strong & flexible AND it's got a bloody lid 🤘

I didn't know how it was gonna taste with the silicone but it was a lovely little piece. Not harsh at all, which actually shocked my little lungs haha. It didn't leave a strange after taste at  all and didn't get too hot in the hand on in the mouth.

When i finished it was so easy cleaned. It's easily tapped out after you've used it & the cap is a massive help I didn't know I needed.I haven't needed to clean it out properly yet as one tap has been enough. 

It's super handy being made of silicone as I am sooo clumsy. This is happy in my pocket with no fear of breaking it. Its definitely appealing to as a because its so cute and discreet. 

As a pipe virgin I'm completely happy with the Karma Pipe and will be continuing with the handiest bit of kit I have found so far. I highly recommend this pipe. "


Thank you Kayleigh! I personally love my little Karma Go! If you'd like to try a piece of PieceMaker Gear check out Buddy Mary's shop. Currently stocking Kwack Duck Bongs, UniKorn Bongs, Kwiki One hitters & will also be adding the Karma Pipe to the growing stock list! 

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