Chronicling Cody: This CannaBabes Canna-Story

I am honoured to introduce Cody to the Canna-Clan. This gorgeous warrior Queen is using her Insta platform to normalise & feminise the use of this plant medicine as well as bringing you beautiful and entertaining content. It seems this Goddesses story is a little similar to mine, cannabis saved her from the liquid tight grip of alcohol and set her on the path to healthier mind, body & soul. 
My name is Cody from @codyschronicals on instagram, I’m from Newcastle and I’m 23 years old. I smoke cannabis to help me with PTSD, nightmares/sleeping, eating/appetite, chronic stomach issues, anxiety, depression, back pain, and also because it’s what works for me.
The first time I tried cannabis was when I was a teenager drunk (I do not recommend this in any way) in the woods with a big group of friends and I was fine, didn’t really feel anything but was always still curious to try again. Towards the end of high school I became more and more curious but at the time was into party drugs that would bring me up and was a heavy drinker. But coming from a family that had a lot of alcohol abuse I knew I didn’t really want to be a heavy drinker it was too destructive in my experience. 
I went to university in Leeds at 18 and was still in my party phase, it’s uni, who wouldn’t be? This was when I became a full time cannabis smoker and haven’t looked back since. Soon as I was in a social circle where we were all smoking, in fits of laughter, passing the joints, it felt a lot more normal and felt ‘right’ in comparison to getting uncontrollably drunk and losing all sight of myself frankly.  
What I found was that cannabis was a safe space for me; that would allow me to be in touch with my emotions and allowed for mindfulness to enter as running away from emotion and necessary tasks was a common theme in my life usually paired with alcohol. Then at the total other end of the spectrum has been there during the sleepless nights when all I could do was think unproductive negative thoughts. So it genuinely has been a life saver for my mental and physical health, as well as my relationships. 
Now I can’t sit here and say that I haven’t abused cannabis/used for the wrong reasons. Cannabis can be healing for many but can be a way to also wallow in the hurt. Just make sure you’re looking inwards and using it for right reasons and it can help you (in my opinion) endlessly. Enjoy, stay safe, stay positive.
 You mentioned abusing cannabis in the past. Would you say your relationship with her can still be abusive or do you feel at present its a healthy relationship?
I would say no. I have more self control now and if I am running low then I don't smoke and work it out later. I understand the consequences but do not want them but I never used to care. I also understand I was running away and self soothing which isn't going to nuture growth and change  
Thank you so much for sharing your story, it really was insightful. I am so glad this wonderful plant can bring that clarity and healing to your life. I really hope sharing these bad ass women's canna-stories will help to education, normalize and encourage others to be less fearful about Cannabis or fearful about coming forward about their use. Or even encourage a non-cannabis user to try this sacred plant medicine, whether that be in only CBD form or hitting the bong for the first time. I am so honored that these women chose to share their stories with me and hope it give them the same sense of pride. 
If you'd like your canna-story featured, or you have a business/product you'd like featured, please get in touch. 

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    I’m so in awe of all these bad ass cana-babes, xx

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