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I am addicted to CBD bath bombs. Living from my various chronic pain conditions as well as mental health, I find regular baths are a crucial part of my healthcare routine & not just an indulgent luxury. 

A 20 minute hot bath helps the body & mind detox. It helps remove lactic acid & other toxins from the muscles, boosts your lymphatic flow & circulation and I even read once that it is the equivalent to a 20mins cardio work out! So you could even be losing weight by treating yourself to a regular hot soak.  

My favourite bath bombs to use are from two incredible CannaGoddesses. One of these badass babes goes by PurpleTerpess (@purpleterpess). I asked her, with so many CBD health care companies popping up, how do I know if the products I am buying asked PT How Much CBD makes an effective bath bomb? What does bio-availability mean? I'll just hand over to PT...

My name is Jess, also known as PurpleTerpess, I make and research skin care, alongside CBD and how it works and how to get the best absorption. I started this because I was sick of high street and even higher end brands using not the best ingredients, from surfactants that cause irritation and dry skin to overuse of essential oils and fragrance. I have been doing this for around 2 years, I genuinely love what I do not just because of the work but the absolutely incredible friends and family I have made in the process. I haven’t always been very good at keeping and making friends, so to have such an amazing community behind me is incredible, I feel so unbelievably lucky. My relationship with cannabinoids started from a rather young age, i started smoking cannabis because i had some mental health issues that i wanted to suppress, a few years later CBD really took off benefits wise and became huge, so I started to look into these wonderful molecules. I suffer with PCOS and BPD, PCOS affects nearly everything, I take THC and CBD for the pain and uncomfortableness caused by PCOS. CBD has been a big help for mental health, I don't know what it is about it but it just makes me calm and more able to be in the moment. I also don't just make skincare, i do a wide range of CBD products ranging from oral dropper oils, caps, for people with a wide range of conditions from epilepsy, Parkinsons, cancer, anxiety and so many others.

The reason I'm not a fan of heavy use of fragrance in skincare is because we don't need it, there is no need to slather your face in a lot of fragrance, it causes way more problems than good.

 We are so conditioned to heavy strong smells that we don't realise how much harm they are actually doing, over use over a long period of time can cause allergies and can harm and irritate sensitive skin. So I have made it my mission to make sure everyone can benefit from good quality skincare but at a good price, CBD is just the cherry on top of the cake. 

CBD has shown us time and time again that it reduces pain, inflammation, people commonly use CBD for conditions such as arthritis, PCOS etc which is well managed with oral CBD, but trans-dermal CBD has also shown incredible results. A ointment can be applied directly to the area at fault providing a more direct effect, I have applied these principles to skin care, so CBD is perfect for things like acne, its anti inflammatory, there is also some studies looking at whether CBD effects the sebum, sebum is a natural waxy oil produced to protect your face from the damages caused by everyday life but some people over produce sebum and it mixes with dirt and germs causing acne. CBD also works well for skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis, CBD helps aid the healing of the body, studies showed that people who took CBD before say a tattoo, they found that they started healing before they had even been tattooed. 
I get loads of questions daily about CBD and how it works, how does it work? Why do I need it in skincare? What kind of person benefits from CBD? And most importantly how do we get it actually work when applied topically? Unfortunately CBD isn't water soluble, it is fat soluble, bio-availability is key when creating products with cannabinoids, and without an emulsifier the CBD is pointless and thus wasted, many people miss this step but it is vital but absorption, especially as cannabinoids stay in fat and don't tend to make it to the bloodstream all that well. There are a huge range of emulsifiers from lecithin, gums and polysorbates. Which one you use will depend on the oil content of your product and what type of product you want to use it for. 

Studies have shown that CBD works incredibly well transdermally when the CBD is made with nanotechnology.  Think of it like this, you are eating eggs, let's say there is 20 grams of protein per egg, unfortunately due to first pass metabolism you will only absorb a small percentage. With nanotechnology you are basically bringing the protein down to an extremely small level, small enough that it is better absorbed into the body. This is the exact same with cannabinoids, when orally consumed you only have between 4-20% bio-availability, so when you tuck into your tasty edible at 100MG, you are only utilizing about 4-20MG, the rest is wasted during digestion. In topical treatments the bio-availability is much much much smaller, but when you combine emulsifiers and the right oils you can bring the bio-availability right up, you will never get 100% bio-availability but we can try our best to get the best absorption possible but studies have shown that you can get up 41% bio-availability if you create your trans-dermal product effectively. 

Unfortunately not everyone has easy access to nanotechnology, especially with things like cannabinoids, so failing that we need to look at other delivery systems that work effectively. A good way to help cannabinoids absorb is using short chain fats/oils to help penetrate the skin and deliver the CBD, rather than just smearing a greasy layer of CBD on top of the skin and it staying in your fat. MCTs are medium-chain triglycerides, because of their shorter chain they are broken down by the body extremely rapidly and therefore absorbed into your body. Triglycerides are a more natural fat/oil, there are also ones called monoglycerides and diglycerides, now these are interesting because they are fats but they are also modified triglycerides, these are more water soluble than other fats and oils, thus making them a perfect delivery system for cannabinoids. I hope this answers some of your questions and gives you a little insight into the life I live, sending everyone healing and good vibes in this hard time. 

That's so fascinating. I definitely feel enlightened after reading this. I always find the chemistry of the plant so interesting! 

If you're interested in checking out PurpleTerpess CBD bath products you'll be able to purchase some of this gals range on my website soon! Watch this space. For those of you who cant wait, you can find her on Instagram @purpleterpess! 

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