A Whole Lotta Lottie: Charlotte's CannaStory

This weeks CannaBabe Story comes from the lovely Lottie. Lottie has been a long long time warrior in the chronic pain battle. Cannabis helps her on a daily basis in one of its various forms or another. She is even educating her daughter about this incredible sacred plant medicine and responsible use. This wonderfully inspiring woman shares her journey with us.

When did you start?

I skived school when I ws 13/14 to go to an older buddies flat. I watched take the light and crumble the solid into a spliff and out of 4 short skins to make one king sized paper. I just remember sitting on my mates couch like ‘why do my eyes feel weird?’. My eyes felt like they were on stalks and then my mate said ‘would I want to go to mc donlads’ and I thought ‘would I fuck!!’. I just have the one spliff every now and again after that but I was smoking tobacco from 12yrs. Peer Pressure was bad in my school. 


About 3/4years ago. I was really bad with anxiety, depression and chronic pain. A family friend said ‘look, I smoke this and it helps me. Would you like to try it to see if it would help you?’. I remember sitting there after and realising my back wasn’t hurting. As I was smoking and stretching I burst into fits of laughter until I cried. I've continued to use it to help my pain and mental health. I live with my father so I have to wait until he has gone to bed to roll myself a fatty. 

How does he feel about Cannabis? 

He's not so much against it, but doesnt want to get in trouble. He says ‘I don't care what you do, just don't do it in me house’. He knows all about the CBD side of everything. He tried some of the pothead coffee the other day. He said he didn't feel any of the benefits but he was so fucking chilled. I keep telling him he should try CBD for his diabetes as I’ve read it does wonders for that. 

I have a daughter, she's 12. I have told her about cannabis and cbd. I’ve told her I used cannabis to help my mental health and chronic pain. I don’t let her smoke now but when she is 18 we both would like to visit Amsterdam to celebrate it in a haze. She said she would rather go and smoke for her 18th rather than go out drinking. 

I’ve suffered with chronic back pain since I was 11 years old when I was rushed into hospital as the pain had become soo severe. They thought it was just a bladder infection as I was only 11 but it wasn’t! I was taken to hospital for scans and all sorts, blood tests, been on so many different tablets I can’t even list them all and they still don't know what is wrong with my back and I'm 30 now. 

What are your modes of administration?

I smoke mostly. I get mostly cheese from my local guy. So I'll have one big one spliff in the evenings from my back. I use my Black Sheep Dispensaries Vape Pen for when I am out & about and trying to put off smoking tobacco. I smoke Peace & Grow CBD Hemp Kush mixed with Kind Leaf Co. herbal blends in the day time when I am at home. Peace and Grow helps so much with my anxiety and mental health. 

On the topicals front I use The Blue Ridge Hemp Joint Care Aromatherapy Roll on, that's class. I have a Cannabina Hand Cream and face serum. The face serum is blowing my dark circles around the eyes away, my skin feels amazing. I normally have really bad eczema on my hands. I started getting a flare up from all the hand sanitizers and hand washing. Two days I was putting it on and it stopped the flare up dead in its tracks. 

I also use the Black Sheep Dispensaries CBD Recovery Muscle Balm. If I could I would dip myself in it! I cover my back, neck and shoulders with it. I absolutely love it. I also use their whole plant extract syringe which I take in the mornings with my cuppa. I can get lost in the bath for 2hrs when I put a CBD bath bomb in the water. Oh the Chill. 

I would always recommend researching what they would like to do first, how it affects them and how it works. Don't just go in blind to it as it all works differently. What works for one person may not work for another. I can't fault cannabis and CBD and I don't think I could be without it now. From all the stuff I have used I know what will work for me best at different times. 

If you'd like to check out any of these wonderful small businesses go and follow them on Instagram. Here they are...

@cannabina_wellness, @peaceandgrow, @black_sheep_dispensaries, @thekindleadco, @blueridgehemp


Thank you so much Charlotte. I LOVE that your daughter wants to go to Amsterdam with you for her 18th! I hope your dad will one day join on the CBD party. Maybe a few more cups of that delicious CBD coffee will convince him! Thank for you sharing your story with us. It is truly inspiring to here from women who are taking their health into their own hands and turning to natural methods. We need to continue to normalise the use of both CBD and cannabis, to remove the negative stigma around it to help more people see its true benefits. 


If you'd like to share your cannastory or if you have a female led cannabusiness you'd like featured or a product reviewed, feel free to email or DM on instagram. 

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